八月 8, 2018 0 By 蝦拚菇

Losing weight seems like a pretty easy concept when you think about it. You eat less, exercise more and the weight is supposed to come off. The fact is, I’ll bet you already know how to lose weight. If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably lost weight many, many times…so many times, you’re an old pro at it. You may even have your ‘go-to’ diet or exercise program, powering up your old Weight Watcher’s account or starting back to the gym whenever the weight starts to creep up.

But what happens when you go off that diet or stop that workout program?
You gain it right back, sometimes with a few extra pounds thrown in. 

So what you really want to know isn’t how to lose weight, but how to lose it and then make it stay lost…forever. There’s no real secret to losing weight. The real challenge is making it permanent.

You don’t need to get rid of your daily diet. All you need is a “helper” which helps you metabolize the food you ate.

▼There is a true story. Let’s see how the “helper” helped her.

I’ve always been overweight and I grew up eating fast food. But when I took three years off between high school and college to live on my own, I gained 100 pounds in just one year—going from 200 to 300 pounds.

When I started college, I had a packed schedule—I was working full-time at a stressful desk job while also going to school full-time in the evenings. There were fast food joints all around and it was far too easy to live on the stuff. I would normally skip breakfast and lunch, too busy with my course load and work schedule. By dinner, I’d be ravenous and would binge on fast food. If I was at McDonald’s, I’d have a Big Mac with fries and a large coke. I’d usually pass out at night in a food coma.

Over the next few years, my health only got worse. I had tried and failed to lose weight many times throughout my life. Every January, I would buy a fancy gym package and set unrealistic year-long weight-loss goals for myself, only to revert back to my old habits in a matter of weeks. When my health issues really started to amplify, I knew I had to do something—but the fear of trying and failing paralyzed me.

My trainer recommended a enzymes which made in Japan to me. “Most of Japaneses eat much but healthy and fit because they have a good eating habits. They always take enzymes after meal, it’ll improve your metabolism. You will feel your guts cleaned eating enzymes.”

Since I started taking this one month ago, friends have been asking whether I had lose any weight. The looked confused when I said I’m not doing anything in particular. However, I realized that my metabolism rate is increasing, and I no longer have handovers. All thanks to this enzymes.

I eat after breakfast and dinner. This enzymes capsule named Naka Kirei  possesses beneficial facilitating defecation action. Increased bowel frequencies, help clearing waste matter from the body. (read more)